CG120 - Plastic Cup 120 ml

CG120 - Plastic Cup 120 ml
Price: Rp.330,000 (plus shipping)

This high quality 120 ml cup is design especially for packing liquid or jelly like mineral water, fresh fruit juice, milk tea, jelly, or any liquid stuff. It has ribbed texture on the side to provide maximum strength and durability. It can be sealed perfectly using the 100 mm x 500 mtr plastic lid seal and the ETD6 machine, or 85mm x 1000 mtr plastic lid seal and the ECS01 or ECS02 machine

Specification :
Cup volume : 120 ml
Outer lid ø : 74 mm
Inner lid ø : 65 mm
Cup height : 50 mm
Cup weight : 3,5 grams
Packed : 3000 pieces
Box dimension : 560x390x550 mm

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